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by Laura Hazelton, Contributing Writer Everyone needs a cookie once in a while, and wouldn’t it be nice if that cookie wasn’t so bad for you? Well, these aren’t. They are full of healthy fats and protein and free of grains, gluten, dairy and processed sugar. Birthday Party Dilemmas We don’t have sweet treats at Read More

One thing that I have struggled with making from scratch is condiments. I used to love mayonaisse before I became a real foodie, as well as ranch dressing (on anything and everything), but once I started reading labels, finding high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and rancid vegetable oils as the leading ingredients, I stopped using Read More

Autumn raspberries are in season now throughout most of the United States. Head to a pick-your-own farm and get them fresh! There is simply no comparison between fresh-picked berries and store bought. You’ll have until the first frost to collect them, but don’t let that date sneak up on you! You will be in much better Read More

Beets are one of my favorite vegetables. They are so sweet and delicious, versatile to use in recipes, and add gorgeous color to any dish. Although I’ve always liked beets, I’ve recently been learning about the many health benefits that they have. Here are five amazing benefits that beets have, that you may not have Read More

Hubs and I love Mexican food. We eat it at least once a week, and I often have some version of a taco salad for lunch during the week. When we got married, my mother-in-law gave me a cookbook in which she had handwritten a number of family recipes that she wanted to pass on. Read More

It’s almost Back to School time!  Whether that leaves you with feelings of excitement or tears of dread, one thing’s for sure- if you have children who are going off to school, they’ll need lunch! Let me give you a peek into my kids’ lunch boxes and show you what gear we use and love. Read More

Photo Credit:NourishingSimplicity Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Katie Mae Stanley at Nourishing Simplicity. School is back in session and fall is on it’s way, but for most of us, it is still HOT! The lingering days of “summer” are the prefect time to continue enjoying icy treats on the back porch once Read More

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