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  We make stock pretty often at our house. I used to get frustrated when I wanted to make stock but didn’t have any carrots, celery, or onion to throw in, until I learned this little trick! Whenever you are using carrots, celery, or onion, save the ends and scraps and place them in a Read More

Today’s question comes from Alicia: After I make yogurt in the crock pot it is very runny so I strain it through a coffee filter. Is there any use for the liquid that comes out? I hate to waste anything! Great question! The liquid that you strain off the yogurt is whey,  It is perfect Read More

When I was a kid, I loved to bake.  “Baking” involved boxed cake or muffin mixes with skim milk and vegetable oils.  I was particularly fond of “Jiffy” mixes. As I got older (a teen), I wanted to bake from scratch.  I used white flour, white sugar, vegetable oil, skim milk, and so on.  You Read More

These days, food allergies are common. It seems like everywhere I go, I talk with people who are gluten-intolerant, have been diagnosed with Celiac’s, are lactose intolerant, have nut allergies, egg allergies, or some other allergy that limits what they can eat. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. Because of the Read More

Image by Mostly Muppet Imagine what it would be like for a 13 year old girl to lose all the hair on the top of her head…and, in addition, have fingernails that looked like they’ve been rubbed with sand paper.  This happened to my daughter and is what started our journey on a gluten free Read More

    Many people suffer from food intolerances or allergies. They can cause a wide variety of symptoms and may be very obvious, but in many cases are easily overlooked. Either way, food intolerances or allergies can have serious health implications. So, what exactly is a food allergy? Allergy is officially defined as ‘an abnormal Read More

We are going to change things up here at MAK by taking a break from our weekly meal plans, and instead we will give you a kitchen tip every Monday. It will be simple and not-so-simple kitchen tasks in the hopes of you learning something new each week! If you have any ideas of kitchen Read More

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