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Curious about the women who write for this site?  Meet all the contributors!


Beverly and her husband have been married for almost five years. She worked as an Electrical Engineer until 2011 when she was laid-off. With God’s guidance she determined to be a homemaker and started researching the best foods to eat. During her research she came across the WAPF and began to understand the importance of “real” food in her diet. She recently started blogging to share what she is learning on her “real” food journey. Check out her blog, Alive & Living for articles about living and eating the way God intended.





Faith is first a daughter of the King, second a wife to Kerry and third a mommy to Julian. She took her family on a real food journey starting in June of 2011 and, although they have come a LONG way since then, there is still so much more she wants to learn. She is blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home mom, which was always her answer to the “what do you want to be when you grow up” question as a little girl. In addition to being passionate about real food, she has a heart for orphans and looks forward to the day that she and her husband can become forever parents to a child in need. Check out her blog, Storms Stories, to read more about faith, food and family!






Jerri Ann married her Marine in June 2011 and in their first year of marriage they have moved 3 times. While they both grew up in the Midwest, their newest home is in San Diego, CA. After leaving high school and the life of athletics, Jerri Ann decided it was time to give her diet an overhaul. The last 3 years have been a time of great transition.  She is vegetarian, but lives with an omnivore so creating meals that are well-balanced and whole can sometimes be a challenge. She loves all things simple: mason jars, lace, books, green tea, sunshine, all things homemade, and antiquing. Check out her latest creations over at The Ezer Wife. 







Joanna is the wife of a future pastor and the mother of two adorable kids, Caedmon and Esther. In 2006, around the same time that she got married, she began to realize that the kind of food we eat really does matter! She has been feeding her family a steady diet of raw milk, grass-fed meat, properly prepared whole grains, and local produce ever since. In addition to food and nutrition, she is passionate about Jesus, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, non-toxic living, and the art of dance. As a mostly stay-at-home-mom, she currently spends her days covered in spit-up and surrounded by Tinkertoys. She writes about real food in a positive and welcoming way at Plus Other Good Stuff.





Katie has been happily married to singer/songwriter/pastor Jeremy Riddle for thirteen years and counting.  After living in a fifth-wheel for nine months to get out of debt and save for a home, they now live on a mini-ranch with their five home-schooling children where they raise sheep, chickens, barn cats and guard dogs and are starting an orchard and large garden.  Katie began her real food journey seven years ago and strongly believes in baby steps when it comes to permanently changing diet and lifestyle.  She writes about her adventures as a new homesteader, shares weekly menu plans, recipes, and family goings-on at her blog, Riddlelove.








Laura is a mama to two sweet kiddos: a daughter (3 ½) and son (2) who keep her running.  She blogs at The Spinach Spot and is passionate about whole foods and feeding her family nourishing and healing meals.  When she’s not in the kitchen or chasing two toddlers she can be found dancing, playing volleyball, reading, crafting, learning about natural health, or flying.  A native Floridian, she is happy to call the sunshine state her current home and thinks flip flops and a swimsuit are appropriate attire for all occasions.  She is married to a pilot in the Air Force and they are eagerly awaiting their next life adventure.







Alix comes from a large family in which food and conversation are the only necessary entertainment. Because of this, she has been surrounded by amazing cooks for her entire life. But it wasn’t until she moved out on her own that she realized the true importance of real foods. For the past several years, she has been learning how to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoying the delicious, natural ingredients that come with it! In addition to hospitality and nutrition, Alix is passionate about many other things: Jesus, good literature, creativity and design, adoption, relationships, travel. She lives in Cleveland, OH and blogs about her experiences at Dear Cleveland.








Britt and her husband, Jake, hitched onto the real food wagon January of 2012 after her “natural pregnancy” internet search led (and sold) her to all that is wonderful about real, nourishing food. She is a self-described “dump cook” (meaning she just dumps things in and goes with it) and loves to teach people how easy and delicious it can be to just “go with the flow” in the kitchen. She currently lives life in Tulsa with her handsome husband and miniature schnauzer, Riley Mae, as a “bringing-home-the-bacon” wife of a med student – but looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom with future kiddos (including some littles she hopes to adopt). She loves playing dominos, leading worship, the French language, “Freebird” by Lynryd Skynyrd, Vietnamese food, and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Check out her blog, Honest to Goodness Living, as she blogs about striving to be authentic in an artificial world – getting “real” about the way we live, love, and eat.








Sara of A Joyful Mother is a follower of Christ, married to a strong man with a leader’s soul, and Mama of a sweet little boy who is more like his Daddy every day. Sara is passionate about natural health and the vibrancy it brings, the powerful role of the stay at home Mama, Christianity, herbs, real food in all its deliciousness, and natural birth. You can find her at her blog writing about abiding in the home with joy (Psalm 113:9) and finding fulfillment in the little things Mamas do every day.






Kimball started on her journey to real food and natural, holistic living 9 years ago, when her oldest child nearly died from an allergic reaction to peanuts.  She is passionate about wholesome food, her family, and Jesus.  Kimball is married to a Naval Aviator and together they are parents to 3 hilarious boys and a sweet baby girl.  Their family is currently stationed in sunny San Diego.








Elsie is having the time of her life running her own kitchen as a young wife, blogging about food and natural living at Back to the Source, and traveling every chance she gets. Born and raised in the South, she now lives in Michigan with her husband. Her favorite foods include fried shrimp and creme brulee, and activities that are particularly close to her heart are taking walks with a good conversation partner, picking berries, reading on the beach, and swinging. She believes that a real food journey should be a joyful and freeing one.



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