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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of our sister site, Modern Alternative Health! Because I believe that health starts in the kitchen, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from Modern Alternative Health this year. Here are my top 5, and be sure to head over to MAH to congratulate them or visit their facebook page!

1. Treating and Controlling Eczema Naturally

One of the biggest reader questions we get across all of the Modern Alternative sites is how to treat eczema (particularly in children). This post tells you what symptoms look like and the best ways to naturally treat and prevent eczema.

2. The health Benefits of Water Kefir

We talk a lot about probiotics here at MAK and ways to incorporate more into your daily diet. This post shows you how simple water kefir is to make, the benefits of drinking it, and has some ideas for various flavor combinations!

3. 5 Uses for Tea Tree Oil

I love using essential oils for ailments rather than running to the pharmacy for a drug that likely won't work and will cause a number of side effects to boot! Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca) is a versatile oil with many uses, read about 5 of them here!

4. The Many Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Besides probiotics, the one other supplement that I recommend that everyone takes is Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Find out why in this post!

5. Using Herbal Remedies in your Home

Getting started with using herbs can be overwhelming and honestly, somewhat confusing. Here are some great ways to get started (remember, it is all about baby steps!).

I love reading about new ways to use herbs, essential oils, and so much more at Modern Alternative Health! Congratulations on a great first year and I look forward to seeing what the year ahead brings!


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