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Good Girl Moonshine: A Refreshing Summer Beverage - Modern Alternative KitchenModern Alternative Kitchen

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Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from Melissa Taylor at The Blue House Blog.

School’s out, summer is upon us, and the sweltering heat is already sending us all on the quest for something cold and refreshing to drink. Of course, we ALL know we need to drink more water; even those of us who aren’t all Modern and Alternative know that basic fact of life. Water = health. Duh.

But sometimes what you’re really craving… isn’t a glass of water. And that can be a problem for those of us looking to avoid the carbs that come from party drinks or the maldoxitoxins (my husband’s made-up word for chemicals and junk that’s bad for you) that come in those little drink-stir-in packets. Store-bought sweet tea might not even be made from real tea, and let’s not even mention the Diet Cola thing and why we don’t want to put that particular maldoxitoxin in our bodies…

That doesn’t leave us with many options for something cool and refreshing to drink in the hot months to come, but I think I’ve found the solution, and it’s called Good Girl Moonshine. “Good Girl,” because there’s no alcohol involved, and I imagine the “Moonshine” in the title came from the little ‘kick’ it gives.

It’s not my invention, by any means: all the credit goes to Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, the authors of Trim Healthy Mama Serene posted the recipe on the group’s Facebook page recently, and I was intrigued because the ingredients seemed, well, gross.

But then I’m one of those Modern Alternative mamas who loves kombucha, fermented cabbage and spirulina, among all sorts of other weird things I’ve been known to try, and I thought to myself that I had to at least try it. I had all the ingredients in my pantry, after all…

And that was it. I love this stuff. It is absolutely refreshing with a tangy zinginess to it, perfect for cooling down on a hot day. But besides being delicious, cool, and refreshing, Good Girl Moonshine has incredible health benefits. Serene, one of the Trim Healthy Mama authors, had this to say about the health benefits of ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar:

“I am hooked and have noticed some surprising benefits since liberally chugging this stuff. I am not so hungry between meals anymore. I think that a lot of the times when I thought I needed a snack to give a little lift of energy, all I really needed was something to drink. I needed hydration for more staying power and afternoon focus. I always enjoy an afternoon snack but the desire for “multiple snackies” do not hit so hard and furious now and I often find that dinner time comes before I even feel hungry.

Since I’ve been enjoying such copious amounts of my new favorite drink, I decided to do some studies about ginger. What do you know? I read that ginger actually dulls the appetite. But, I noticed this first hand before I even read this merit of ginger. Ginger heats up the thermogenic temperature of the body the metabolism which gives a double punch alongside apple cider vinegar’s own weight loss talents.

My digestion processes feel easier and less gassy. Ginger is a potent digestive aid and fires up the digestive juices. It reduces flatulence and eases tummy cramps. It improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. Most folks know of ginger’s talent in reducing nausea and this yummy refreshment will be part of my arsenal next pregnancy when the morning sickness hits. Apple cider vinegar is also a powerful digestive aid and is an old timey cure for heart burn and indigestion.

I feel good all over and haven’t fallen prey to some yucky flus and bugs that have been hanging around these Middle Tennessee parts lately. Ginger clears the micro-circulatory channels of the body including the easily clogged sinuses. It clears throat and nose congestion and is a wonderful immune stimulant along with apple cider vinegar. Ginger is up at the top of the list with the most potent anti-inflammatory supplements on God’s green earth and can relieve common aches and pains and even help with more serious arthritic conditions. It is also considered an aphrodisiac which is a boon if you’ve read chapter 34 ( Foxy Mama) of Trim Healthy Mama Ha Ha!

Ginger has many more things going for it, but I can’t finish this post without giving more of a shout out to Apple Cider Vinegar – a robust health promoter. Here are just some of the goodies Apple Cider Vinegar offers you:

•It is abundant in potassium which is imperative for growth and building muscles, the transmission of nerve impulses, heart activity and preventing brittle teeth and hair loss.

•It encourages weight loss by breaking down fats to be used instead of stored in your adipose tissue.

•It is loaded with acetic acid which slows the digestion of starch and lowers the rise in glucose levels that occur post mealtime.

•It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial due to its high levels of malic acid.

•It is super alkalinizing though being rich in ash.

•It lowers bad cholesterol and helps to regulate blood pressure.

•It is a powerful detox tool and improves bowel function

•It clarifies the skin

•New research reveals it shows strength in killing cancer cells or slowing their growth.”
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What is your favorite summertime beverage?

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  1. Just because I’m curious, what does this mean?
    “…or any brand with the ‘mother'”


  2. I love it when people drink from jars. 🙂 It just makes me smile all over my face. Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday!!


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  4. Yum this was great!! Really happy to find this. I did part stevia.part maple syrup. I think I’ll try mint leaves too next time (i did lime this time).


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