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How do I use Leftover Whey? - Modern Alternative KitchenModern Alternative Kitchen

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Today’s question comes from Alicia: After I make yogurt in the crock pot it is very runny so I strain it through a coffee filter. Is there any use for the liquid that comes out? I hate to waste anything!

Great question! The liquid that you strain off the yogurt is whey,  It is perfect for making lacto-ferments, soaking grains, adding a boost of probiotics to smoothies, cheese-making, and it can be used in the place of milk in most baking recipes (pancakes, breads, pastries, etc.). If you still have some leftover, you can feed it to your animals (or even your plants apparently), but definitely don’t throw it out! Refrigerated, it will last for several weeks!

  • On Thursday, I tried a new recipe from my dear friend Christie, who I know in real life but she is also a food blogger. The recipe is Chicken Pot-Shepherd’s Pie, and it is every bit as delicious as it sounds. This recipe will definitely be making repeat appearances on my menu plan!
  • I am really getting into learning more and more about natural remedies for various ailments. I recently attended a DoTerra party and am now using essential oils on a daily basis. I swear by this stuff! Last night, in the hours leading up to bed time, my head started feeling heavy, my nose was stuffy, and I was sneezing quite a bit-all signs of the beginning of a cold (or worse). Before bed, I rubbed some Oregano essential oil and On Guard essential oil on the bottoms of my feet and when I woke up this morning, I felt good as new! I am also learning more about herbs, and am always excited when Beth from MAH shares her Herb Spotlight. This week is was all about Comfrey!
  • Did you see our new Kitchen Tips series on Monday? This week, I posted a tutorial on how to cut up a pineapple (and that pineapple tasted like candy it was so sweet).
  • Do you have any kitchen questions you would like to see addressed in this series? Feel free to post them below!



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  1. It’s been a while since I’ve made yogurt, but I make kefir on a regular basis. Can I strain that to get whey as well?

    I just finished the no-cry sleep solution and it’s fantastic! I also read the hypnobirthing book and took the class which helped tremendously with my daughter’s birth.


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