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Every Saturday, we answer a question that we received on our Facebook page. Do you have a real food question? Be sure to like us on Facebook and post your questions there and you may end up being the featured question! This week’s question is from Suzann: I’ve heard that sourdough bread is really good for you. If we are going to eat bread, should I stick to homemade whole wheat or sourdough from a local bakery?

The answer: This is a little tricky. True sourdough would be the best choice, as it is fermented and fermented foods are a great addition to a traditional diet. However, many sourdough breads made at bakeries have yeast added to them and are not the traditional fermented sourdough. If you are able to find traditional sourdough (some bakeries do carry traditional sourdough), then I would go with that, or you can make your own! Here is a link that our contributor Michaela wrote that will help get you started!

  • Happy Groundhog Day! January is always a long month and I know many of you have been experiencing wild winter (my family in Missouri had 70 degree temperatures at the beginning of the week…and it was in the single digits today)! We still have yet to see any snow in Seattle this year, I am beginning to think this year will be skipped. We’ll see what Puxatony Phil has to say about that!
  • This week I made some delicious jambalaya. I woke up this morning wanting a bowl, so now I am counting down until lunch time! I will be sharing the recipe on MAM in March, so keep an eye out for that! My husband loves cornbread and when it is served hot with grass-fed butter, we could easily devour a pan between the two of us. Our favorite recipe these days is Modern Alternative Mama’s Cornbread recipe, but I replace the sprouted flour with a gluten-free blend. It is perfect every time!
  • I am co-hosting my first DoTerra Essential Oils party this evening, and I am so excited to learn more about how to incorporate essential oils into our daily lives! Do you use essential oils? What is your favorite way of incorporating them into the every day?
  • Are you making any fun snacks for Super Bowl? My husband nor I are really into professional football. We might watch the game, if we remember to turn the tv on 🙂 Here is a delicious recipe for Healthy Cookie Dough Bites that I made this weekend. They would be the perfect sweet ending to a smorgasbord of dips!

Have a great weekend!



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