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What is a good Recipe for my Child's Birthday Cake? - Modern Alternative KitchenModern Alternative Kitchen

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This week’s question is one that I get asked on a weekly basis! From Leticia: “I’m looking for the best (healthiest) cake recipe for my son’s 1st birthday. It has to be one that will do well as a “smash” cake for photos. I love the ones with all the vibrant colors, but I don’t want him eating all that sugar and food coloring. I need recipes for a cake with less sugar and no artificial colors that will look good in a photo shoot. I guess I need frosting/icing recipes as well! Any suggestions? Thanks!”

This is often a difficult issue that natural parents struggle with. They want their children to have a great birthday, great memories, and great photo opportunities. But, should they compromise their child’s health on the same day they are celebrating the birth and life of that child? My favorite idea is to make a healthy banana or zucchini bread as the “cake” and top with homemade whipped cream. If you are looking for other ideas, here are some great alternatives for birthday treats, including icing/frosting recipes, and natural food coloring methods.

Hopefully those recipes will get you started in your cake-baking adventures and make birthday celebrations happy and healthy occasions!

  • This week has been extremely busy! I am looking forward to the weekend to have a little R&R to get ready for the weekend ahead. I need to some meal planning for the next few weeks as well as prep some snacks for my husband who has seemed hungrier than usual lately!
  • Nina, the editor at MAP, also makes healing balms and sells them in her Etsy shop, Dragonfly Remedies. I have this random patch of eczema that has been driving me crazy so I ordered some healing balm from her and it arrived in two days! It was such a relief to slather it on and stop the itching. I am also in the market for some natural body moisturizers and lotions and would love recommendations from my readers! Right now I am using a plain, unscented lotion from Dr. Mercola but would love to hear other ideas!
  • Have you thought about making your own glycerin tincture but don’t want all the mess? Here is a post on how to do it in the crockpot!

What real food treat have you made for your (or your child’s) birthday?

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  1. We use the Tropical Traditions lotion and we love it! It is expensive so we use it sparingly, but it is the best!


  2. Thanks so much for posting!


  3. My son just celebrated his first birthday last week and I made grain-free (and sugar free for that matter) banana muffins (using almond meal) with a homemade whipped topping (lightly sweetened with maple syrup & a little vanilla) – they looked just like cupcakes and everyone commented on how good they were! Personally I thought they tasted better than cupcakes w/ conventional frosting. It was great too because my Aunt is on a GF diet so she was delighted to be able to enjoy the treat guilt-free! The “cupcake” smashed well and my little man ate almost every bite of it (his first muffin!). I felt really good about what I fed him and even better when I saw how much he ate (so much for those who say “oh they don’t really get that much in their mouth)!


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