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Be Kind to Your Liver this Holiday Season! - Modern Alternative KitchenModern Alternative Kitchen

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I am super excited to be guest posting at Kitchen Stewardship today!

The holiday season is a hectic and crazy time of year. Even if you are intentional about keeping it low key, chances are good that you still have a couple of parties or events to attend. While it is obviously important to celebrate the holiday season with the ones you love (as Jesus is the reason for the season), it is also important to keep your body healthy during this busy time of year (is there a worse time to be sick?). You may not always be able to control the food that is served to you, and it is likely that even the biggest real foodies out there will make some indulgences, so I want to show you an excellent way to flush your body of toxins and keep it as tuned up as possible: detoxification, also known as ” detox.”

Head on over to Kitchen Stewardship to read the rest of the post on (easy) ways to detox this holiday season!

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