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Energy bars! What’s not to love? They are so incredibly convenient when you are really busy and you want to grab something quick and substantial to eat. They are also great for traveling or day trips, or any situation where some extra energy comes in handy. They make a wonderful school snack!

Unfortunately, store bought energy bars usually also have a lot of stuff we don’t want. Even though they might look healthy, they often contain sugar and unwanted additives or allergens. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to make your own? Well, I can tell you, it’s really not that difficult!

There are numerous ways to make a healthy and tasty energy bar. Below, I will share with you my favorite basic recipe, which you can then customize according to your taste. The possibilities are endless. And you wouldn’t have guessed it was this simple to make your own! This is not a recipe to follow to the letter, it’s more of an exemplary toolset, meant to inspire and get your creativity flowing. Once you’ve made these (and tasted them) your mind will overflow with ideas on what to put in your next batch. So get going, get creative, and enjoy!

This recipe makes about eight small bars. Need more? Double it! (Don’t need more? Double it anyway! You’ll thank me later). They’re sweet, dense and packed with proteins and essential fatty acids. These babies are sure to keep you going for hours and can make the difference in a sane mom and a crazy one.

I do recommend you soak the walnuts first. Here are some tips on how and why to soak nuts and seeds. If you choose to do so, you can either dry the walnuts first or use them as is, in which case you might have to dry the bars a little longer.

Base ingredients:
1 cup walnuts
5-6 large medjool dates

Now, mix in up to 2/3 cup of whichever flavor variation you like. When using only dry ingredients, add in something sticky like honey or an extra date.
These are my personal favorite flavor combinations:

Sweet coconut love:
½ cup grated coconut
½-1 tsp honey
Kids love it, and it’s a perfect school snack. All the healthy fats from the walnuts and coconut make these a real brain food!

Chocolate boost:
2-4 tsp raw cacao
1-2 tbsp cacao nibs
1 extra date
½ tsp maca
This bar will certainly boost your superpowers! Raw chocolate is the number 1 superfood on earth. Though super-healthy, it’s effects can be intense, which is why I prefer to save this combination for adults only. For children, I’d reccomend using carob or roasted cacao and leave out the maca.

Some other ideas that might inspire you:

  • Cut up goji berries, grated orange peel and some thickened fruit juice
  • Dried cranberries and ¼ mashed banana
  • Ginger, honey and a drop of lemon

Mix all the ingredients in a food processor until it’s fine enough to mold into shape, but you can still see little chunks of date in there. (For berries, I personally prefer bigger chunks, so I add them afterwards). Press into a dish.

Now you have three options:

1. Dehydrate. I use the defrost or warm option on my oven (it produces little to no heat) for several hours. This does not completely dehydrate them, but enough to make the bars somewhat more consistent. Cut in bars and dehydrate some more. Store in fridge.

2. Freeze, cut in bars and serve chilled. Great for warm weather, though not the best option for day trips or school snacks.

3. Skip the freezing or dehydrating option and roll them into bite-size balls! Depending on your recipe, you can sprinkle them with some grated coconut or grated lemon or orange peel.

Depending on the added ingredients, they will last 2-4 days in an airtight container in the fridge. I usually keep half of them in the freezer, and defrost when the supply in the fridge runs out.
I hope this ‘exemplary toolkit’ has inspired you to create your own yumminess!

Are you ready to make some energy bars? Please share if you have tried, or will try… what’s your recipe?


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  1. Is it possible to use figs in place of dates?


  2. Hi Kim! I’ve never tried it, but I’d say go for it! They might not be as sticky as dates, in which case you need to use more of them or add a little stickiness like honey or yacon syrup. Please let us know how they turn out!


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  4. Where is a good place to buy dates? Regular dried dates at the store have dextrose in them, but I can;t seem to find them anywhere else :/. This looks like something my son would love, because he loves larabars. Thanks!!


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  6. There is large controversy over maca being consumed raw. What is your take on this topic?


    • Hi Rosanna,
      It is true that maca is traditionally consumed cooked. Raw maca is something fairly new, and we just don’t have all the answers yet! It may have benefits for some, but it may not be suitable others, as we are all different. My advice would be to take in moderation and pay close attention to how your body feels after having it. Personally, I feel energized en efficient, but I do get a weird feeling if I take it for three days in a row. So for me, every once in a while when I have a challenging day ahead, I have some in my morning smoothie. 🙂


  7. I’m just wondering about the dehydrating of the bars. How do you know when they’re ready? I have a “keep warm” option on my oven which is about 90°C, but I can also set it to 80°C and 70°C. Which one is best??
    (i.e. 194°F, 176°F, and 158°F).


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