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Today, I am writing about the purpose and the mission of Modern Alternative Kitchen. You can see a similar post at Modern Alternative Mama today. While we are only a little over a month old, we want to make our mission clear to our readers to be as effective as possible.


How Modern Alternative Kitchen was created

Kate, the editor and creator of Modern Alternative Mama  (a blog that focuses on the non-mainstream lifestyle including homeschooling, real food, alternative health, natural pregnancy, and Christian parenting), recognized an increased interest in all aspects of real food. Knowing that real food is a multi-faceted area that she did not want to skimp on, Kate launched her first sister site, Modern Alternative Kitchen (MAK). This allows MAM to concentrate on other areas that Kate is passionate about, and MAK is dedicated to all things related to real food.  Kate oversees the entire MAM network (which now includes Modern Alternative Pregnancy as well), while I manage the day-to-day MAK operations.


The Purpose of MAK

The goal at Modern Alternative Kitchen is to inform, educate, and prompt discussion on real food. We recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their journey to real food and we want to meet you where you are. Some people have been eating real food for years and make their own cheese, raise chickens, and have a whole closet of items fermenting! But, we know that is not realistic for everyone, so we want you to be able to ease into your real food journey wherever that is for you.  If you are new here and are curious about what real food is, be sure to check out this post!

Besides myself and Kate, we have about a dozen excellent contributors who are experts in the areas of real food! The contributors each post at MAK one time a month on a topic that they are passionate about. In addition to bringing you a number of different views points on real food, the contributors own blogs are also a great resource for recipes, techniques, and research in the real food world.  To read more about who writes for MAK, check out our contributors page.


What we are

So what is it you can expect to see here at MAK, as well on our social media outlets of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? Here at MAK, we are all about:

  • Living as a Christian, based on following Biblical principles
  • Latest science and research on real food
  • Information on where to buy certain products
  • New real food products
  • Real food recipes
  • Techniques and skill-set builders
  • Meal planning
  • Ways to transition to real food from the standard American diet
  • Real food budgeting
  • A supportive, positive, and diverse community for those who are interested in any or all of the above


What MAK is NOT

  • Worldly/non-Christian point of view
  • A place where you can post your company info/affiliate links for free
  • Junk food (or anything containing non-food items)
  • A place for negativity, rudeness, swearing, etc.

In no way do I promote intolerance of those who believe differently, nor will I allow commenters to insult me or one another.  I promote my own worldview and aim to support those who share it.  I hope to help families become familiar with real food, engage in helpful discussions, and to promote health and wellness.

I invite you to join us on your real food journey, wherever you are! And I encourage you to engage in helpful discussions on our Facebook page. Have a real food question? Post it on our facebook page so our community of readers can share their experiences with you!


Where are you on your real food journey? Are you a newbie or a veteran?


This is the writings of:


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  1. Strange, I did a similar post on my blog yesterday too. I think it’s so easy to get wrapped up in other things, that we sometimes lose focus of what we’re really about. It’s good to let your readers know what to expect as well, hopefully that will mitigate any surprised/shocked readers.


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