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As a real food blogger, I am always looking for new real food products. I recently ran across these great, safe products from Essential Safe Products (ESP). I contacted the President of ESP, Hannah, and she was excited to share all about ESP with me. Once I learned more about their products, I was eager to share them with all of you!

The idea for ESP came about when a Florida mother of six realized the amount of plastic her family was using was toxic. The amount of BPA, phthalates, lead, and other toxins that were used in food storage were leaching into their food and negating the benefits of the healthy food she worked hard to prepare. This mom began seeking out food storage that was free of toxins, and realized there was a need for toxic-free food storage, and thus ESP was born.

ESP’s goal is to give families a place where they can purchase non-toxic and safe products, as well as providing them with information on healthy lifestyle changes. ESP realizes that not everyone is at the same stage in life, but they are happy to meet each person wherever they are, and whatever their needs may be.

One of the most helpful and quite frankly, “coolest” aspects of ESP is the “Learn ESP” section of their website. On Learn ESP, you can find all the research on chemicals, toxins, etc. in one spot instead of spending hours going to numerous websites reading about each product. They have three sections: Chemical Index, where you can read about all the various toxins used in typical food storage; Tips and Tricks about minimizing toxin exposure; and Products, which includes a list of ‘safe’ products. There is a wealth of information on Learn ESP, and you can check it all out here.

And the products at ESP. I am seriously drooling over their goods! ESP offers everything from cookware (we talked about safe cookware options a few weeks ago, but read it here if you missed it), bakeware, and virtually every kitchen tool you can think of! If you are looking for ideas for back-to-school, ESP has so many options for lunchboxes and reusable lunch bags.


ESP also carries a large line of safe baby and kid products, such as bottles, sippy cups, and water bottles. These would make a great gift for an expecting mom or your favorite kid’s birthday! Also, check out the fragrance-free, paraben-free, and non-toxic bath and body products. ESP is a great place for one-stop shopping for the entire family!

Want to know what is on my wishlist from ESP? I love the look of this spatula because I only have one spatula and desperately need another. I will also be asking for this stainless steel turner, cheese grater, and I would like some more reusable bags to pack the husbands lunch in. But I think those need to go on his wishlist, not mine!

The best part about ordering from ESP? Free shipping on orders over $50!

Head over to ESP now, www.liveesp.com or ‘like’ them on facebook!

What are your favorite items on ESP?

**This post was sponsored by Essential Safe Products, but all opinions are my own!**



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  1. Love this! I am in the process of getting rid of all plastic in my kitchen! I got rid of our plastic drinking glasses and food storage about a year ago, now I need to pitch the plastic cooking utensils! Thanks!


    • Yay! So glad my sister commented on this one. I totally thought of her when I looked at the products.
      I would love to have some of their products, it’s just a matter of convincing the husband that I need some new kitchen gear even though we got a full kitchen a year ago…
      I LOVE the stainless steel lunch boxes and extra large produce bags!


  2. Hi Jill, I just came across your blog from another one. I am a real foodie and always looking for new ideas for my guys’ lunchboxes. I love this posting! Thanks for sharing…I’ve already decided what I’m going to buy! Anyways, I’m posting because I’m wondering if you knew whether it would be safe to reuse glass jars if both the jar and cover were to be washed in the dishwasher? I’m thinking baby food size (I can buy some and throw away the baby food…a bit of a waste but I’ve never fed my kids store bought babyfood.) I don’t like buying “kids” yoghurts and my son loves yoghurt, plain, so would love to buy big containers and just fill up a leak proof container for him to take in his lunchbox. What do you think? Thanks and all the best! Erin


    • Hi Erin! I definitely think that would work! For my husband’s lunch, I pack yogurt or overnight oatmeal in the small 1/2 pint glass mason jars (or a jelly jar would work). Good luck, and thanks for reading!


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